During May of each year we are lucky to have wild asparagus grow on the ranch.  Even if you don't normally like asparagus, you would like the taste of ours.

You have to look very hard to... ...find it so that you can... ...cut it.
The stalks are hard to find in the tall grass.

It is wild and it grows everywhere on the ranch.  It grows in pastures, by streams, in the apple orchards, and almost everywhere else on the ranch.  Our neighbor Lloyd took some seeds from the wild plants and put them in his garden.

The top of an old plant. When the plant gets old, it goes to seed.  Old asparagus plants are not good to eat because they are tough.


Justin and Zip show how tall a plant grows if the stalk is not picked. Justin is teaching Zip all about wild asparagus hunting.

When we bring the asparagus home we wash it very well.  Then we cook it with a little water in a covered dish in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  If you overcook asparagus it becomes mushy and yucky.

Most people can't get asparagus in their yards.  You can buy asparagus in your grocery store.  Try it.  It tastes good and it is good for your body.

You have to be very careful when eating wild plants.  Some of them are dangerous.  Never pick or eat a wild plant unless an adult says that it is safe.  OK?

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