I'm so cute.

Two orphaned baby beavers came to the rehab center when they were just a few days old.  It was autumn then and they needed a warm place to spend the winter.  A baby beaver is called a "kit".


"Willow" (on the left) was found near Ridgeway, Colorado, and "Goofy" (on the right) was found near Delta, Colorado.

Willow and Goofy


Click here to see some of their sticks. They stayed in a pen where they could have some privacy and where they could play.  Beavers are rodents.  Rodents' front teeth never quit growing, so Jeannie gave them sticks they could chew on to keep their teeth just the right size.


One day in May, Jeannie turned the beavers loose at an old beaver pond on the Grand Mesa.  There are over 300 lakes on the huge mesa, so they should have lots of places to live. Life is good


Be Careful - Wild animals can be very dangerous, especially if they are sick.  Never try to pick one up.  If you see one then call an adult.

Beavers have large flat tails that help them to swim.  They also use their tails to scare you away by slapping them on the surface of the water to make a loud noise.

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