I'm not sure who is enjoying themselves more.  Is it the little girls or is it Jezzabelle? This beefalo cow's name is Jezzabelle.

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Would you be brave enough to pet Jezzable?

        Jezzabelle was a "bottle baby".  That means that her mother could not give her milk when she was born, so the rancher had to feed her milk from a bottle.  Bottle babies are usually very calm and they enjoy being around people.  Her owner says that he has raised many bottle calves from several different breeds, and that Jezzabelle is by far the calmest, sweetest one he has ever raised or seen.

        The American Beefalo is a cross between the American BisonThe American Bison is somemtimes called a "buffalo". and cattle.

        The beefalo has the best traits of both bison and cattle.  From bison they get the traits of being hardy, foraging ability and calving ease.  From cattle they get the traits of fertility, milking ability and ease of handling.

This cow and her calf are not cattle, they are beefalo.

    Thanks to Rancher Paul for sharing these photographs and the story about Jezzabelle with us.  

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