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After two weeks of caring for her, she had doubled in size.  She was ready to return to the wild.  It was a happy day to see her go free, but it was a sad day because we had become attached to her.


Holly carried her to the release point.

She opened the cage door and waited...

Wait until she gets the courage to leave the cage.
Am I really free?

...until Fudge took her first nervous steps outside.

We set her free near a stream and a big pile of rocks. This looks like a good place to live.
She blends in with the natural shapes and colors.

Do you see her little "cotton" tail?

She now lives next to stream, an apple orchard and an alfalfa pasture.   She has plenty of places to hide in the rocks and wild rose patches.  Just a few feet away from where we released her is a vegetable garden.   I wonder if she is going to eat the lettuce and carrots in the garden?

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