Around the 4th of July it is cherry harvest time in western Colorado.  We don't have any cherry trees on the ranch so we went to a cherry orchard a couple of miles away.  The orchard has 5 different kinds of cherries.  One variety is yellow and the other varieties are red.

Holly eats more than she puts into her bucket. It's easy to pick cherries when you hang a bucket from straps.  The straps go over your shoulders and around your back. Come out, come out wherever you are!

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10 kilograms is about 22 pounds.

There are 10 kilograms of cherries in these buckets.

There are so many cherries it was hard to know which ones to pick first. This is a Golden Stark Delicious cherry. The only thing hard about picking cherries is that you eat more than you put into the bucket.

This is the Golden Stark Delicious cherry.  It has a soft texture and it is juicy.  It doesn't stay fresh very long after it is picked.  We freeze them with their stems on and eat them like Popsicles.

In this orchard it is mainly used to help pollinate other types of cherries.  A branch of this yellow cherry is grafted onto a red Bing cherry tree.  Then there are two different varieties growing on the same tree - one is yellow and one is red.

Click here to see the red cherries. Click here to see the red cherries

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