All wild animals watch you to see what you are going to do. These deer are eating in a field of alfalfa. If you get too close then they run away.

We have lots and lots of deer.  Special high fences have to be built to keep them out of the orchards, otherwise they would eat the apples and the apple trees.

A "buck" is a male deer and a "doe" is a female deer.  Babies are called "fawns".

Hucklebuck is cute!

         Sarah found this baby in the woods and left him right where he was for 18 hours before she took the fawn in.  Then she brought it to a wildlife rehabilitator for care.  She named it "Hucklebuck".  Sarah says that baby deer will meow like a kitten when they are hungry.  

       Most baby deer that are found are not really orphans.  They are usually just waiting for their mother to come back from "foraging"Foraging means to wander in search of forage or food.

        Thanks to Sarah T. for the photograph, the story, and for taking care of Hucklebuck.

Click here to see the baby deer.Click here to see the fawns that stayed at the Rehab Center.


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