Grace gave us this story about our guest pet "Roxie".

Roxie was only a few months old in this picture.

    "Our family wanted a puppy really badly after our last one had to be put in the shelter.  We applied to the Seeing Eye.  This program provides dogs that you raise and train, but after about a year they have to go to advanced training so they can become guide dogs for the blind.

    A few weeks later we received news that we would get a female German Shepherd named Roxie on April 21st.  We prepared everything during the next month and then the day came!

    They were supposed to show up around 2:30 so everyone was staring out the windows waiting for 2 hours.  She finally showed up in a white minivan.

    We couldn't see very well because there happened to be a thunderstorm going on.  After she got inside we all ran down expecting a middle sized dog but instead there was a cute, floppy-eared little puppy with soft, brown eyes.  We will never forget that day.

    Roxie is leaving for more training in 6 months so we are spending all the time we can with her.

    She is very loving and will be the perfect companion for a blind person.

    In the time we had Roxie, she chewed up two pencils, a pen, $27.00, 2 peppers, and tissues."

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