These "lucky dogs" live close to the Ohio River in Clermont County, Ohio.

One great big happy family!

Mabel (on the left) is a girl mix of German Shepard, Lab and Malamute.  She is about 3 years old.  She came from a very big family of 8 brothers and sisters.  Her owner could not handle all of the puppies so Rob (on the left) took her in.

Jimmy (in the center) is a boy mix of Black Lab and Pit Bull.  He is about 3 years old.  Jimmy was a stray in the swamps of Florida when Marty (on the right) found him and took him in.  He was very shy and scared of everyone but Marty.  Now he has adjusted very well and loves all people.

Jasper (on the right) is a boy mix of Yellow Lab and Golden Retriever.  He is about 4 years old.  Jasper was a puppy when Marty got him from a friend.

They all love to play fetch with balls and Frisbees.  They are all very friendly and love to play with their families and each other.  Now all these dogs have great homes and they are loved very much.

Sometimes the best pets are those that are in really in need of care, love and a good home.  They make life long friends and are a part of your family forever.  Thanks to Andrea and Hilary for sharing this story with us.


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