Click me to spell "DUCK".

These ducks think that they are geese.

Before these 2 ducks were hatched, their eggs were placed into a goose nest.  The mother goose raised them as if they were her own.  Wherever the mother went the ducks did too.  If the ducks were left by themselves they would quack, quack, quack until the mother goose came to get them.

The whole family is taking a walk.

We don't use sprinklers when our lawn is watered.  The lawn is flooded with irrigation water.  There are a couple of low spots where the water collects in little pools.  So whenever the yard is being watered the ducks come to swim in the little pools.

A duckling is a baby duck.

A "duckling" is a baby duck.

Click here to see the geese!Click here to see the ducks with their goose family.

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