Many animals that people think are orphaned or injured are really NOT!  Well meaning people sometimes take animal babies thinking that they are orphans, but they may not be.  Some animals leave their young to forage for food.  Some mothers hide nearby their babies and can actually see them being taken away.

    Before touching any wild animal you should get an adult to help.  Don't touch the animals!  Some animals are sick and they can injure you or give you a disease.

    Get advice from a certified animal rehabilitator.  "The Wildlife Rehabilitation Directory ( is a great web site that provides a lot of good information about how to approach and deal with these animals.  It also provides a listing of professional wildlife rehabilitators in various states.  

    Another web site that is very helpful is "The Gable's Raccoons World"   ( Although their site is mostly about raccoons, it contains a lot of very helpful information about how to deal with wild animals.

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