One of the Ford tractors is used to pull the rake.

Sometimes the cut hay needs to be rearranged before a baler can be used.  If it rains before the hay is baled, then this rake can turn the hay over so that it dries and does not mildew.  Animals don't like mildew in their hay.

The tines go around in a circle on this rake.The tines are the slender pointed parts that move the grass.You have to be careful not to get too close when the rake is moving .

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This is a "tedder".

        This machine is called a "tedder".  The yellow teeth spin around and flip the cut grass up and fluff it to help it dry faster.  Although the horses have to pull the tedder around the field, there is a motor under the driver's seat that spins the yellow teeth around.

        The horses are Morgan Horses.  Morgans are not big like draft horses, but they are strong.  This photo was taken at Horse Progress Days in Mt. Hope, Ohio.  It is a special farm show for people who use horses instead of tractors.  Thanks to Sarah T. for sharing this photograph with us.

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