He was a little wobbly. Mr. Silky is only 4 days old and he has already gotten used to wearing his halter.  He has long legs so he is a little wobbly when he walks.

A very nice family that lives near Cedaredge let us take pictures of their 2 new foals.  The family starts getting the foals used to people right away.  They spend time with the babies and cuddle them from the very beginning.  The mares are very calm and they don't mind people getting close to and loving their foals.

Mr. Silky and his mother Kintannah on a quiet afternoon.  He is 11 days old in this picture. It was a perfect day for a nap.

Mr. Silky's friend doesn't have a name yet.  She is 10 days older than he is.  She is 21 days old in the pictures below.  Mr. Silky is brown and his mother Kintannah is black.  The mare foal (with no name) is just the opposite --- she is black and her mother "Fancy" is brown.

Up... ...up... ...and away!
Up, up,  and away!

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