She likes people because she was bottle fed when she was a calf.She loves to have her back scratched.  She can't reach it by herself.

Can you see her freckles?  Freckles is tame and very friendly with people because she was bottle fed when she was a calf.  She will eat out of your hand and will let you pet her.  The bull on the right is not quite that friendly.

This does not hurt the cow.  It just slows them down. She has a bad habit of running away.

Freckles likes to get out of the pen and run around.  One of the ways to prevent that is to hobble her.  Her back feet are hobbled with a rope.  She can still walk around, but only very slowly.

Cows carry their calves in their bodies for 9 months before they are born.

This picture of Freckles shows how wide she was just before giving birth to Girl Friday.  Last year she had twins.

Freckles will eat anything, anywhere at anytime.  

Licking the salt off of Terry's boot.

Come on and see Shorty and Red.Click here to see her daughter Shorty and granddaughter Red.

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