These goats live at the "Two By Two Ranch And Petting Zoo" in Chico, California.  The ranch has goats and lots of other animals that are very friendly and very cute.

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Stubby must be very proud of these twins.

These twins were born in 2000.  Their mother's name is "Stubby".

"Skipper" is a beautiful Pygmy Billy Goat.  He was born in 1996.

A male is called a "Buck" or "Billy Goat"


Yes, Mother has horns.

This goat has 3 little babies to feed.  Luckily, a mother goat can produce about 3 to 7 liters of milk every day.

We are hungry.  Where is Mother?

Goat's milk is more popular than cow's milk in many places around the world.  It is easier to digest than cow's milk.  Cheese made from goat's milk is creamy.  Some of the more popular cheeses include blue, ricotta and feta.

These little goats love to run and play.  Their mom's name is "Oreo".  She gave birth to these four happy babies in 2000.

Oreo must have her hands full taking care of these rascals.


Floppy is a Nubian goat. "Floppy" has great big floppy ears.  She is a Nubian goat.  Her mother's name is "Snickers".  She gets along very well with her friend "Micco" the llama Llamas usually get along very well with goats and sheep.

There are about 600 breeds of domestic goats.  The Nubian goat is the most popular milk producing goat in Canada and the USA.  It was developed by breeding goats from India and Africa with dairy goats from England.

        Thanks to the Two By Two Ranch And Petting Zoo for sharing their animals with Kids Farm.

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