A draft horse is a kind of horse bred to pull heavy loads.  Some draft horses are very big, but some are short and stocky.  There are even breeds of draft ponies.  There are many breeds of draft horses.  Belgians, like Jack and Jill, are the most popular breed of draft horse in the United States.  The next most popular breed is Percheron.

CJ is changing colors very slowly.

"CJ" is a Percheron horse.  He is pulling a carriage decorated for Christmas.  He works near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

        When he was born he was solid black!  As he gets older his coat gets lighter, but it does not just turn grey.  Gradually small white spots appear on his coat.  They are called "dapples".  Over the years the dapples get bigger and bigger and the lighter spots will crowd out the darker grey.  When CJ is about 15 years old he will be almost solid white.  You can see his neck is already almost white, but his knees are almost black.  His color does not change at the same speed all over.

        CJ loves to get treats and when he hears a crinkly bag he thinks he will get some potato chips.  Once we were driving past a bus stop and a lady had a shopping bag.  CJ stopped pulling the carriage and tried to beg a treat from her.  Everyone at the bus stop was laughing at the silly horse.

Danny is a BIG BABY!

        Danny is just a 2 1/2 month old baby and you can already see what a strong horse he will grow up to be.  His mother's name is Fannie and she shows the standard color that Suffolks are, shiny coppery red.

        The Suffolk Punch is a very rare breed of draft horse.  There are only a few hundred in the United States.  They are famous for being very stocky and quick walkers.  A farmer with a quick walking horse can plow more land in a day than with a slow horse.

Thanks again to Sarah T. for sharing these pictures and stories with us.

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