It was very windy and her hair was blowing all over the place.

This is Jill on a bad hair day.  Click the picture to enlarge it.

Jill is a big  horse and she has a big heart!

Jill is a BIG horse.  She is a Belgian draft horse, so everything about her is big.  The longest hair in Jill's naturally blond mane is 80 centimeters long.

There was a snow storm going on.

Jill is a very gentle horse who loves to be free.  She is not very happy when she is in a small corral or pen.

When she has to stay in the corral... ...she is always kind of sad.

Most horses have good memories.  Jill has a great memory.

They were both enjoying a great summer day.

Except for the time when she or Jack train by themselves, she spends all of her time with Jack.  Together they are learning to pull a big wagon.


Jack and Jill are always together. Jill's mane falls to the right, while Jack's falls to the left.


She is a pretty and feminine horse.  Jill is a dainty eater (compared to Jack). She is so polite and dainty.

Jack is very selfish and jealous sometimes.  If Jill is being groomed or fed, then Jack will try to chase her away by kicking or biting her.  She really loves attention and is very gentle in returning your love.

She always enjoys being brushed.

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