Be Careful - Wild animals can be very dangerous, especially if they are sick. Never try to pick one up.  If you see one then call an adult.


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Mountain lions are the largest species of the cat family found in North America.  They weigh from 90 to 200 pounds, with an average of 110 pounds.  They are about 6 feet long including their tail.

Mountain lions are carnivorous.  That means that they eat meat.  They eat small animals, deer and elk.  Sometimes they also eat cattle, sheep and horses.

They are stealthy...

They are very secretive and hard to find.  They are usually found in brushy and rocky areas.  They are very territorial.  These animals are beautiful but they can be very dangerous.  Be very very careful if you go into their territory.

...and dangerous. 

There are about 1,500 to 2,000 mountain lions in Colorado.

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