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Everyone had fun visiting the llamas.

Recently, 45 preschool children visited the Rangemore Llama Farm.  The llamas were extremely well behaved.

Hug, hug... The picture on the left is of Maree hugging Walkman.  Eleanor is hugging Dalai in the picture on the right . Have you hugged your llama today?

This is Indigo Chief.

This is Indigo Chief.  The photograph was taken outside of the "Stone Store", which is New Zealand's oldest standing European stone building.  It was built around 1832.  It is located in the beautiful Kerikeri Basin where citrus fruit such as kiwi and oranges are grown.

Socrates is so beautiful that he doesn't look real.

This is a picture of Socrates in front of the "Kemp House".  It was built in 1821 and it is the oldest standing European building in New Zealand.

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