These marmots love to sunbathe on the rock piles. If you get too close they will hide in the rocks and play peek-a-boo with you. They keep a sharp lookout and hide in the rocks if they are disturbed or afraid.

The marmot in the center is playing "peek-a-boo". The others are happily resting on lava boulders.  They like to sun bathe on the boulder piles because there are many places to hide.  Sometimes a sentry marmot will keep watch while other marmots feed in the field.

Antelope are very fast runners.

The antelope won't let you get near to them.They keep a sharp lookout too.

Pronghorn Antelope live to the west of the ranch.  They are the fastest mammal in North America.  They can run about 40 miles per hour and can jump about 20 feet in one leap.  Antelope keep their body temperature constant by adjusting their loose, hollow haired fur.  When it is hot the hairs are erect, allowing air to circulate near the skin.  When it is cold their hairs lie flat to keep the cold air out. 

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