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The primary purpose of this web site is to provide a safe educational activity for young children to learn about environments that they might otherwise not be able to experience.

Although you can visit Kids Farm on the internet, we have produced the CD so that children can enjoy our site without having to be hooked up to the web.  This should provide additional parental control and an element of security so that children are not exposed to some of the perils of the internet.  Also, this CD will allow access in the classroom for those schools that do not have internet capability.

We do listen to feedback and we sincerely request that you feel free to provide constructive criticism.  Because of such positive feedback we have eliminated certain sensitive subjects that would be better for parents and teachers to present to their children.  We also appreciate your comments correcting our use of the English language and any misidentification of plants and animals. 

At this time our web site may not work with all of its features on Apple computers.

Thank you for visiting Kids Farm.  We hope that you and the children (of all ages) have fun!

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