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Look into my eyes!  I'm hungry, I'm hungry... This little raccoon looks like Zorro!  He came to the wildlife rehab center when he was about 2 weeks old.  These pictures were taken when he was 4 weeks old.
He was so excited about getting his bottle of milk that he stood on his hind legs to try to reach it. Zorro stretches as much as he can to get closer to the bottle.

It doesn't get any better than this. He was very content, but then something terrible happened!
His tongue got stuck to the top of his mouth.  He couldn't get it "un-stuck" it by himself, so Jeannie had to reach into his mouth and get it loose. Help!
I'm so cute. He gets a lot of loving attention from Jeannie at the rehab center. This is the good life.

Most raccoons are about 3 feet long and weigh about 20 to 25 pounds.  Their tail has from 5 to 7 dark rings around it.  Raccoons can see very well at night.

Burrrrrp! Baby raccoons need to be fed on their bellies.  Otherwise they have tummy troubles.  Maybe that is why "Zorro" (above) was having problems.  Also, they need to be burped after they eat.


Thanks to Robin for sharing this picture and information with us.


"Raccoon Rob"

The largest raccoon that Robin has seen weighed 50 pounds.  His sister was even bigger.  That was in the wintertime, when they carry extra weight for "overwintering".  

Sniffle, sniffle...Click here to listen to Zorro cry

Zorro was hungry!Click here to listen to Zorro suck his bottle of milk


Be Careful - Wild animals can be very dangerous, especially if they are sick.  Never try to pick one up.  If you see one then call an adult.

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