They were both really tired. Both mother and baby were exhausted after the birth.

On February 15, Shorty the cow gave birth to her first calf "Red".  Red is a heifer.  A heifer is a cow that has not yet had a calf.  Shorty had a very hard time delivering the calf, so Steve and Terry had to help pull the calf out.  We didn't take any pictures during the birth because it was a very busy time.  Mother and daughter were both exhausted, but they are both happy and well.  Shorty's mother is Freckles.

The water was really cold.

Terry and Steve washing their hands in the cold creek after helping to deliver baby Red.


Standing up is hard enough.  Standing up in mud is a little harder. Red was a little unsteady at 1 day old. Her legs were very wobbly, but she was very cute and very curious. Until she got used to standing up, she had to go slow at first.


Which one is good today? This one will do quite nicely. All I need is a chocolate cookie to go with this milk.
Which one? This one. Got milk?

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