Thanks to Mrs. Law's First Grade Class for asking about skunks.

Of course we don't raise skunks on the ranch, but we know they live here.  We don't see them very often because they are "nocturnal".  That means that they usually come out in the dark.  We can tell that they are here by smelling their strong odor.

Skunks warn you by stamping their front feet, raising their tail and aiming their rear end at you.

This spotted skunk was cared for at Jeannie's Rehab Center.

The spray from a Spotted Skunk is stronger than from a Striped Skunk.


Skunks can only be found in the Americas - from Canada to the tip of South America.  There are four kinds of skunks:

  • striped skunks (like in the drawing above)

  • hog nosed skunks

  • hooded skunks

  • spotted skunks (as shown in the pictures below)

Be Careful - Wild animals can be very dangerous, especially if they are sick.  Never try to pick one up.  If you see one then call an adult.

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