Cedaredge Boot 50.gif (2133 bytes)ittle Britches Rodeo

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Would you ride this monster?

The girls must guide their horses around 3 barrels and race back to the finish line.  They have to go around the barrels in a certain path.  The one who does it in the shortest time is the winner.

Even though the girls may be as young as 8 years old, they ride big mature horses.

Beautiful horses and beautiful girls.
You don't have to be big to ride a big horse.

To get a fast time they have to get as close to the barrel as they can, without knocking it over.

Sometimes the horses are hard to control and they go outside the path.  If that happens they are disqualified.

Whoa big fella!  Easy!
Zoom!  This is style!

These two are fast and stay close to the barrels.

For every barrel that is knocked over the judges add 5 seconds to their time.

Don't touch that barrel.
Pretty in pink.

After they go around all 3 barrels they race for the finish line.

Click here to see the girls ride.Click here to see individual riders

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