Cedaredge Boot 50.gif (2133 bytes)ittle Britches Rodeo

Girls and boys must race their horses up to where a goat is tied.  They have to dismount, catch the goat, and then tie it up.  The one with the fastest time wins.

The riders sprint as fast as they can...
...and they dismount before the horse stops. Most contestants started to get off the horse while it was still running.
Sometimes the goat is hard to catch.  You can see that the contestants carry a short rope in their teeth.  The short rope is used to tie the goat's legs. They run up to where the goat is tied.
Upsey daisy! After catching the goat they have to pick it up and set it on the ground so that it can be tied.
Three legs have to be tied with the rope. Not too tight Mr. Cowboy.  Thank you very much.

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