Click me to spell "SHEEP".

These lambs were born at the "Two By Two  Ranch & Petting Zoo" in Chico, California.

There are about 800 breeds of domestic sheep in the world.  Depending on the breed, "ewes" (females) can weigh anywhere between 45 and 100 kilograms.  "Rams" (males) can weigh between 70 to 155 kilograms.

Thanks to the "Two By Two Ranch & Petting Zoo" for sharing these pictures with us.

Mothers usually carry the lambs in her body for about 5 months before they are born.  On average, sheep usually live for about 7 years.  Some can live up to about 13 years.  

We think we have nice haircuts.

Some sheep are used to produce milk.  As with milk from cows and goats, sheep's milk can be used to make cheese.  In France they use sheep's milk to make Roquefort cheese.

Click to see the lamb drink from a bottle."More sheep" are available on the Kids Farm CD

Boy, did these three lambs get into trouble.Click here to see and hear the "little lost lambs"

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