Speck is a Border Collie.  She is the sister of Scotty.  She has not been trained, but she has a lot of instinct about herding animals.  No matter what kind of animals she sees, she tries to herd them.

Speck will herd any animal on the farm for fun. The rooster is worried, but Speck won't hurt him.  She will just herd him.
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Most of the day she herds chickens.  She doesn't chase them, rather she makes them move to a certain spot in the barnyard.  Once they get there, she herds them back to where they came from, and then she starts all over again.

See?  She even tries to herd the horse herd.

Trying to herd the horses.

She tries to herd horses too.  When you walk out to the horse pasture with her she circles around behind the horses and then looks at you for a command.  But since she hasn't been trained, she doesn't quite know what to do.

She sneaks up on the horse... This horse got tired of Speck following her.  Speck did the 100 yard dash when the horse charged. ...and the horse chases her away.

Gurgle, gurgle.click here to see "Speck the water dog"

Even though she is small, she is really tough. "Speck the warrior page" is available on the Kids Farm CD 

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