Scotty loves to herd the cows. Scotty herding a steer out of the orchard. He is very fast and he is not afraid of anything, not even the big bulls.

Scotty is a Border Collie.  He is the brother of Speck.  They were born in December 1995. Terry uses Scotty to herd the farm animals.  These pictures were taken when they needed to move a cow out of the apple orchard and into the pasture.  The cow did not like to be herded and wanted to stay where he was.  With Scotty working by Terry's voice and whistle commands, the job was made easier.  Scotty has one blue eye and one brown eye.  He is really friendly.


Grady is a sweetheart and he likes to lick you.

Grady when he was 4 weeks old.

Oh please pick me up.  Please!

Grady and his brother Bob both look alike.  Their mother's name is Sara.  They both like to follow you wherever you go.  It is really hard to make them stop following you.  They are very loving puppies.  They are not afraid of anything.  Sometimes you can see these little brothers playing right in the middle of the cows in the pasture.

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