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Hello from Titan and Mary!

Titan is a Belgian draft horse, the same kind of horse that Jack and Jill are.  These horses are very, very big.   Titan was born on a farm in Indiana on April 10, 1997.  When he was 8 months old he moved to Tampa, Florida.

Titan is big but he is just a baby.

 When he was 2 years old, a lady named Mary fell in love with him at first site.  From that moment on, Titan had a new owner.  Mary had a bicycle accident and broke her back, so Titan has to be very kind and gentle.  

 Be careful when you ride a bicycle!

He lives at a stable now, where he is being trained to ride and drive.  His teacher says that Titan is "perfect".  He even has a "fan club" at the barn. 


How big were you when you were 2 years old?

This is Titan's "dad", Richard.


Sometimes when a horse points its ears forward, it is curious about something.  If the horse lays its ears toward the back then it may be angry or upset. 

Watch out if a horse points his ears to the back!

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