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This is Titan at his first horse show.  The rider is Shawna and she loves to show Titan.  Mary said that "he doesn't look bad for a football player trying to do ballet"!  He won both of his classes and was the high score champion for his division.  Titan was in the Walk Trot Entry Level Dressage.  

"Dressage" is an event that requires the horse to do complex maneuvers in response to barely perceptible movements by the rider's hands, legs and weight.  

Since then Titan competed in another show with miniature jumps, cross country and dressage

Titan looks really good with his new haircut.

The man in the red hat is Titan's driving trainer "John".  John is very pleased with Titan.  Titan looks very handsome with his haircut.

Lucky Mary and John.

Titan is taking John and Mary for a cart ride.  He is so smart.

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