Be Careful - Wild animals can be very dangerous, especially if they are sick.  Never try to pick one up.  If you see one then call an adult.

Fawns (Baby Deer) Pygmy, Great Horned, Long Eared and Barn Owls Baby Beaver
Click here to see the baby deer.Fawns Who?  Who?  Owls, that's who!Owls Click here to see Goofy and Willow.Beavers
Click here to see baby Zorro!Raccoons See Humphrey and StickersPorcupines Smelly, smelly...Skunks If you like to see baby bobcats then click here.Bobcats A success story.Coyotes

If you need help then click here!Click here to find out how to care for an injured or orphaned animal.

There are lots of wild animals in Colorado.  Whenever someone in our area finds an injured animal, or one that has been orphaned, they can bring it to a rehabilitation center.  Our local center is in the town of Delta and it is run by Jeannie Carlson.  She is a certified wildlife rehabilitator.  She gives the wild animals a home until they are well enough or old enough to be released back to the wilderness.

If the animals need medical treatment then she brings them to a veterinarian.  Sometimes the animals need an operation and sometimes they just need a temporary home where they get love and care.  Over 100  animals stay at the center every year.

Jeannie has also cared for badgers, a bear cub, eagles, hawks, a pelican, prairie dogs and squirrels.  We will publish those pictures and stories in the future.

All of the photographs in this section are courtesy of Jeannie Carlson.

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