Wherever you see this icon you are looking at an animal that does not live on the Kids Farm ranch.

Life is good! Click here to see our Guest Star Roxie. Wait until you see Thelma! Click here to see Sarah's cat.
Benson Roxie Thelma will overwhelm ya'Thelma Click here to see Sarah's cat.Pepper
Click here to see Lou Lou Belle!! Click here to see Dutch. Click here to see our Guest Stars Mabel, Jimmy and Jasper.
Come on, click here and see Lou.Lou Dutch Click and go!Lucky Dogs Wyatt

These are a few of our guest pets, but there are many more on other pages within this CD and the Kids Farm web site.

        Many people tell us about their pets.  We offer everyone a chance for their animal to be on Kids Farm.  It doesn't matter whether the animal is a horse, a cat or a parakeet.  We will publish a story about any kind of animal.  If the animal is a school or class mascot, then we would love to tell their special story.  

        Each guest will be able to show their pictures and a tell their story.  The stories can be about the animal's manners, tricks, awards, training or any thing else you want to include.  

        There are various ways to get the stories and pictures to us.  The pictures can be attached to e-mail sent to us at info@kidsfarm.com.  If you don't have access to a scanner, then you can mail photographs to us at the following postal address:  Kids Farm, 418 South Riviere Court, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814, USA.  The photographs will be returned to you after we scan them.

        If you have a recording of a sound that the animal makes, then please send that too.

        We invite people from all over the world to participate.  It doesn't matter where you live, we would enjoy your story.  This may be a good way to share the pictures and stories with relatives anywhere in the world.

        Our first and most important policy at Kids Farm is to emphasize security for children.  We use only the first names of children.

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