Zip really really loves Holly. Click to make it big.Click here to see a full size photo of Holly and Zip.

Zip's first life is loving.  She waits outside our door for hours hoping that we will come out and pet her.  When you walk up to her, she falls down on her back so you can pet her stomach.  She also leans up against your leg and tries to get as close as possible.  She is a laid back and mellow sweetheart.

She even wants attention when you are working.

Zip loves everybody and she wants everybody to love her.

Zip leans on everyone.  If you move she will fall down.

Her second life is to guard and protect the ranch from animals like deer, raccoons and coyotes.  The deer can tear up the alfalfa fields, and the raccoons and coyotes can eat the chickens and turkeys.  Zip is fearless.  Zip is always sneaking away from the ranch (bad girl!) to go explore the other farms and ranches.

She even likes the water in the bird bath.She always has plenty of water.She also likes the cold clear mountain spring water.


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